What to expect when you’re expatriating ✈

4 Déc

Regarding my next post I already know how some people are about to react so I will tell you “YES”, I got another crappy day, but I’m not complaining about it, I’m just reporting it to you because that’s also what my blog is about.

When one asks me how is it here, if I’m in a good day I’ll tell you “fine”, If I had a bad day (I’m taking one down, I sing a sad song…♫) I would tell you too. Because some expatriates are spreading false information and making people believe going abroad is Heaven and it is not (always). I want to tell to those people “stop lying on your blog and start being real because people are reading you and you are not doing them a favor ”. Writing about your bad times and the challenges you are up against can also help your reader see what expatriating is about, but don’t take my blog into account or you might just want to shoot yourself (just kidding)

If I can truly say I’m happy to be here, people that tell me not to complain because I’m living the “American Dream” (which by the way has stopped existing long time ago) I want to reply : “Do you really think I wake-up every morning at 10am and go to work driving my 4×4, sunbathing all afternoon and between a lunch with Schwarzy and a classy reception by night writing you this post ? Is that what you wish you’d read ? 🙂


So yes, I swear : leaving in California is one of the most exciting and meaningful experience of my whole life and it has its daily perks yet you have to be ready to leave your family and friends behind, even though you can easily talk to them with the internet, it’s not the same. And these expatriates who say this is a 100% great experience, I call them liars or Am I the one that is completely mistaken ?

If  choosing to live abroad always turns out to be an enriching experience (no matter how good or bad it was : “Never a failure, Always a lesson”) this is something you have to think about with your loved ones because you are going to miss each other for sure.

These doubts that you will later have, will be waiting for you. If I do have an expiration date on my visa and I have always said I loved too much my home country to leave it forever, sometimes I might think that I’d be better off in my new country. Why going back home, only to find myself struggling to have a new job, a new apartment, try to fit in again, when here I have almost everything ? Is it really worth it?

Conversly, sometimes You’ll just feel the urge to take the first plane back home caus’ this week, You just  can’t take any more pain. But never forget that once you come back, you are ending your old/new life, you have to say goodbye to the people you met, shared and had fun with, try to “get-rid of” the culture you’ve been embracing for months and stop using that (English) language that became your daily tool.

Going abroad is so much more than just a trip and I’m founding this article on my previous experiences in other countries I used to live in.

These times of doubts, this is what every expatriate will experience during his journey and this article is probably the most candid advice I could give you.


3 Réponses to “What to expect when you’re expatriating ✈”

  1. Sandra C. décembre 4, 2012 à 8:06 #

    merci pour la sincérité de ton expérience abroad 🙂 tu as toute ma sympathie et mes encouragements et si tu doutes parfois vu l’ambiance en france tu es certainement mieux en californie !keep smiling ! et bravo pour ton anglais !

  2. zimuts décembre 20, 2012 à 7:45 #

    Très juste cet article, je suis tout à fait d’accord avec ton analyse, même si le Caire (Egypte) où nous habitons avec mon ami, n’a pas grand chose à voir avec Los Angeles !!

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