VIP tour @ the Warner Bros Studios 3/3

16 Nov


We head to the building where thousands of props are warehoused, including some chandeliers costing millions of dollars! (They are not used anymore. Some of them used to belong to the Russian Empire and were sold at the beginning of the 20th century. We can also see some samurai statues featured in the hit movie Inception, God bless Christopher Nolan for this breath-taking movie).


At the end, Jason takes us to the last spot, the Warner Bros Museum, one of the greatest moment of the VIP tour. On the first floor there are costumes from tv show or movies (Cillian Murphy’s ski suit in Inception, Batman’s costume, Catwoman, the Joker, Clark Kent’s red leather jacket in Smallville,…) and props ( the 18-page letter from Rachel to Ross, Joey’s speech for Monica & Chandler’s wedding, the note from Monica displayed on her apartment’s door when she decided to bake sweets for her neighbours…)

On the second floor, everything is all about Harry Potter, there is a huge spider, a statue of Hermione (made of wax I guess) when she got petrified by the Basilisk in “Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets”, there are few costumes of  Hogwarts’ teachers, the cape of Lord Voldemort, Harry’s magic broomstick, a human-size dragon egg from « Harry and the goblet of fire » and so much more worth seeing !

We could not take pictures in the museum, sorry!


End of the VIP tour, I would recommend it to everyone that gets to come to Burbank.


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