VIP tour @ the Warner Bros Studios 2/3

14 Nov


We hit the “road” and on our way to the new location we got to see settings from previous movies (Batman, Inception, The Artist, Spiderman…) or TV Shows (E.R, Buffy, Smallville…)


We make a stop in front of something looking like a warehouse and once we enter, we see these beautiful amazing cars featured in the most famous movies: Austin Powers, Batman, The Hangover, Scooby-Doo, Harry Potter… At the end the tour guide offers us to take a free picture in front of a big green screen, the theme being Harry Potter at the train station.


Jason asks us which talk show we like the most, everybody says Ellen De Generes (which could not turn out better as I will be going to her show next January). Unfortunately we are not allowed to take pictures. Anyway, we go to her studio where it’s freezing (since all the spotlights are off). Everything seems so smaller than in TV but yet it’s very overwhelming to be there. The tour guide asks us to sit in the front row of the audience and tells us about how Ellen runs her show, from the morning when she arrives to the moment they start filming, playing games with the audience and of course the interview with the celebrities. I just can’t realize I’m 9feet away from her chair. Of course she is not here because they are not filming on the week-ends.


Jason asks us if we want to see the Central Perk, and at that moment if anyone dares saying no I’m capable of pushing that person while the car is running. We enter this building and behind this huge wooden door is THE REAL Central Perk that seems so tiny.

Of course everybody asked to have a picture in the famous sofa where Ross, Rachel, Pohebe, Joey, Chandler and Monica sat for hours/months/years… As a matter of interest, Jason told us one of his previous group included children who asked what was Friends…

11.30 am

Another good surprise was seeing the set of Big Bang Theory, where we were not able to take pictures. When you enter there is a showcase of few props that appeared in the series such as the autograph from Leonard Nimoy offered by Penny to Sheldon, the customized chess game of Leonard & Sheldon, Penny’s uniform from the Cheesecake Factory…

Jason takes us to these 200 seats/10 rows bleachers where the audience sits and has their laugh recorded live. I don’t have any pictures to illustrate and I can’t find one on internet, you just need to picture Penny’s apartment, the hallway, Sheldon & Leonard’s apartment and You would be seated at about 30 feet from the set, and there are plasma televisions hanging in front of you for the scenes you can’t see on the set, for example Amy Farrah Fowler’s apartment is on the very right of the bleachers and you can’t see it very well so you would follow what’s happening over there on the screens.


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