VIP tour @ the Warner Bros Studios 1/3

14 Nov

I was supposed to write you about my Saturday afternoon in Chinatown but I just could not wait anymore to tell you everything about the Warner Bros studios I visited last Sunday, that’s why I decided to start with this topic first. I’m also breaking my article into 3 parts as it takes me longer to translate.

Let’s go !!! 🙂



I set my alarm quite early, the tour is at 10am and since I am known for never being ready for the unexpected, I prefer to leave 20min earlier (let’s no forget it’s a 90min trip with 2 different buses). I leave home, turn the music and my earphones on ! I try to watch for my bus stop (sometimes I get too much carried away and I miss it) I make the 1st half of my trip and wait for the second bus.  Surprise, it’s late !!! 20 min late meaning I’ll either be right on time or late at the studios ! I can already picture myself running like crazy through the streets (which WILL happen by the way…) Finally my bus arrives, I get on and wait for the terminus.


I arrive at my bus stop but once I get off , I can’t remember which way is it… left ? right ? I chose right and as I am running I start to recognize some buildings I should not be seeing if I took the right direction (does that makes sense ?) I took the wrong way, I go back and FINALLY find the place. The security guy sees me, exhausted with no more breath and tells me “go this way but first, take off your jacket and your bag and put it in the box”. I go inside the building and head to the counter where they ask me for my name and then print my ticket. The lady asks me at what time I was supposed to start the tour, I say “10am” (and it’s 10am). I’m asked to follow a small group to go in a tiny theater next to the souvenirs shop.

We all sat in the first row and we watched a short movie about the history of the Warner Brothers, a sum up of all the movies that were produced/distributed by the company, the design of the first animated characters… At the end we are asked to give a huge applause so that the tour guide who is in the other side of the door hears us and starts the visit.


The group and I go on board and the 1st thing our guide Jason asks us is : which TV shows we like or used to watch. Unanimously we answer Friends, but also Big Bang Theory, Pretty Little Liars, Two and a Half Men… Jason says this will help him to target the main interesting locations for us. So we start driving through those gigantic buildings and the 1st place we go is the set of the show Pretty Little Liars and Heart of Dixie (I’m not sure about the second one, I’ll have to check if I spelled it right). So we arrive at this huge square in front of dozen of fake shops, houses, restaurants! That’s impressive, everything looks so real and yet, there is no electricity or running water. Even the sewers are fake…

Jason showed us few houses that appeared in movies (such as the Gremlins) and we got to visit some of them (one was the house of Ross and Monica’s parents in the Thanksgiving flashback). We learn that one house can be used in several productions, for example the front of the house in one show, the inside in another one, the backyard in a movie and so on… The team in charge of the props, design, painting… can redo an entire block of houses in 24 hours! We also went in the Apple Rose Grill, the restaurant in Pretty Little Liars and next to it is a grass plot where the 6 famous New-Yorkers were filmed playing baseball in an episode of Friends.


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