30 Oct

I went to my first true american party. Last saturday, I got a text from a french expatriate I met the week before in West Hollywood who invited me for the Halloween party, at first I hesitated because I hadn’t been able to rent my car like I intended to, which led me to consider a 2-hour trip with 3 different buses if I wanted to go ! You can imagine why I had cold feet and then I thought « what the heck ! I have to move my lazy ass » and I left.

5.22 pm

Let’s go back in time a little bit, I then said yes for the party but I didn’t have my costume and you know how hard it is to find one on the very same day of Halloween ! I decided to go to Target, the nearest supermarket to find 2/3 accessories. Turned out the adult department was totally empty, so I had to go to the children department « shame on me » ! I found there a mask of Darth Vador and a red laser saber for $20.

7 pm

I went back home, checked out the bus travel times and the address of the french expatriate, Yannick on Google map. I posted a picture of myself with the mask and the saber on Facebook, Twitter  caus’ I am a huge nerd.

9.30 pm

I got there 2 hours later and I meet the 2 french guys ,one roomate and an other former roommate of Yannick, both americans and we head to the house in Bel Air where the party is held. We arrived in a freakishly well decorated house where already around 40 people are dancing, talking or playing drinking games. Everyone is so nice to me even though I didn’t know anyone there which amused them when they asked me how I got there ! « well, a french guy I met a week ago has a roommate that is a friend of the owners » I said.
11.30 pm
The party is in full swing, I tried to play the flip-cup, of course with water in my cup (if you read this blog and you’re under 21, don’t drink alcohol, it’s bad) and I have to say that I was pretty good at this game. In fact I’m really good at drinking games ! 🙂

2 am

People are starting to leave, and as time goes by, conversations get more philosophical but I was able to have a chat with a lot of persons, I found it so much more interesting to mix with people and learn about their culture. Some of the people I met had at least one french-native parent and when I told them I was from Amiens, they immediately spoke about the cathedral, I was surprised they knew.

I met also a russian girl who settled in L.A. 7 years ago, she explained us the pros and cons of living or traveling in Saint-Petersburg or Moscow. She was really nice, I tried to speak russian with her but my last russian courses go back to 2010. I ended up talking with one of the twins that own the house whose father is french.

Around 3 am

We decided to leave but we just could not figure out the way back home so we stopped the first car we saw, the guy agrees to take us but we have to pay and we are so exhausted we just jump in. While I’m in the passenger’s seat, the two guys behind start messing around (Yannick if you are reading this article  I really hate you right now 🙂 ). At first the guy seemed nice, I start chatting with him and he tells me he is a taxi driver as well as a a runner ad swimmer for marathons. Few minutes later, he starts getting really pissed about the mess going on behind him and tells me « tell your little friends they better calm down because I have a gun and I used to serve in the U.S. Navy !!! « Wow , don’t use your gun, it’s alright » I said. « don’t worry ».

3.30 am

The crazy guy dropped us at UCLA, where we kinda got lost for an hour or so.

4.30 am

We finally make it to Yannick’s apartment, I take a short nap and take off at 7.40 to catch the 8 am bus that drove me back home.

9.30 am to 1.30 pm

I fell asleep

1.30 pm  

I finally move my sorry ass and decide to write my article.

2.30 pm

I finish my article, get myself a belated breakfast to eat while watching Inception.


2 Réponses to “Halloween”

  1. Greg octobre 30, 2012 à 10:58 #

    Well, What a party!!! Trips in new cities are always adventures! It’s great you manage to get motivated to go and meet new people. I feel these kinds of experiences is really what brings you the most in a trip abroad. Personnally I feel more free/myself being a foreigner than being a French guy in France.
    What impressed me the most is that Americans know Amiens, and it’s famous cathedral! Compared to French population, it seems that our beloved city has a greater international reputation than it has in it’s own country!

    • flammentmickael novembre 5, 2012 à 2:49 #

      I totally agree, being french abroad is amazing, you are like the ambassador fo your culture but the greatest part is that no one knows you so it’s a fresh start and I love it !

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