Welcome to Los Angeles, Episode 2/3

16 Oct

On saturday, I receive an e-mail saying a room is available. I check out the suburb on Google Map, it’s quite far from downtown but seems faisable for the commute to my internship and since I’m done with paying additional nights at the motel and watching tv-reality or tv shows, It has become urgent to find my own place.

I go see the house, it’s nice, middle-class quiet suburb, the owner is an english-teacher mum and his son is about my age and a student at UCLA in Economics. The bedroom is unfurnished but very clean, bright, there is a large bathroom to share, nice living room, fully equiped kitchen and most of all a swimming pool (and God knows I like my swimming pool during hot days) 🙂

I sign the lease agreement, (the rent is $750/month) go back to my motel downtown for my last night, pack my bags and book a car to go buy some furniture to Ikea in Burbank the next day.


Une Réponse to “Welcome to Los Angeles, Episode 2/3”

  1. Geneviève Flamment octobre 16, 2012 à 9:48 #

    en français… c’est mieux !; mes cours d’anglais sont loin !!! voir trés loin…

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