Welcome to Los Angeles, Episode 1/3

11 Oct

Here I am, back again since August 12. It has been 17 days since I landed on the ground of the United States of America and I am only writing my article now… shame on me. I’m gonna explain why this shameful belated come-back.

I think I arrived in L.A. on September 21st or 22nd if I am not mistaken, honestly I don’t even know because it’s feel like I have been here for 2 months already. After a 4-hour delay at Paris’ airport, a call at La Guardia Airport (NY) for 5 hours and finally a stop in North Carolina, I finally arrived at LAX airport. I grab my belongings and go straight to the motel. To do so, I ask a nice woman how can I get there and she answers me “well, do you want the fastest way or the cheapest one ?” “Cheapest, please!”. She advises me to take the free shuttle that would leave me at the metro station.


On that bus, I meet 2 girls from  Montpellier, a southern French city with whom (who or whom ? I can never tell the difference…) I chat a little bit. I arrive at the metro station,  I go up the 3500 stairs (ok, I like to exaggerate sometimes) with my 2204lb bags, only to hear later “the train is not running due to a loss of power”. So here I am, waiting, in this hot burning weather. Then we start hearing some fuss going on, we look up the sky to see the last flight of the Endeavour space shuttle !!! How awesome is that ?! Anyway, with the 2 french girls I previously met, we decided to head back to the airport and take a cab which drove me to my motel.

In the motel room, first thing I do, take  a shower (I’ve been up for more than 40 hours straight), buy a huge chocolate milkshake while watching a TV-reality court show and take a picture of myself to put it on Facebook and tweet it (I can be a nerd sometimes)

During the following week, I spend most of my time in my room, struggling to find an accommodation and if I did not know L.A. and its 50km-spread suburbs before, I know it all now, thanks to Google Map, calculating the commute… and hundreds of hours searching a place to stay on Craigslist, Easyroommates or Roommates.com, I know them all as well ! I use my spare time to go see where the company where I’ll be working at is located. It’s in Burbank, the city seemed nice and it counts headquarters of many media companies such as Warner Bros, The CW, Nickelodeon, Disney… 🙂

I also see on ABC there are the 64th Emmy Awards going on, like 30-minute walk from where I’m staying at so I decided to go there. But I did not get to see famous celebrities, sad ! 😦


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